yogurt by the ounce

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yogurtini froyo menu and nutritional information

The list of flavors at Yogurtini includes information on fat and calories. I think this makes it pretty clear who the target audience is: folks who care about nutrition (or more specifically low-cal/low fat) as a top priority.

The flavors at the time of the photo were:

  • "The House" Plain Tart
  • Signature Blueberry Tartini
  • Classic Vanilla
  • Ultimate Chocolate
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit Tartini
  • Blueberry Muffin
  • Red Velvet
  • Dulce de Leche
  • Birthday Cake Batter
  • Peanut Butter
  • Pineapple
  • Island Coconut
  • Strawberra Banana NSA (no sugar added)

directions to make yogurt at yogurtini

Here are instructions for how to make your yogurtini delicious frozen yogurt concoction.

  1. Swirl it: Swirl any combination of flavors.
  2. Top it: with a favorite treat.
  3. Weight it
  4. Pay it

Seem simple enough. Oddly they don't include "enjoy eating it" which might make sense since froyo feels, to me, like more of a focus on health than enjoyment.

nova frozen yogurt grand opening

Here's the front of Nova Yogurt on a fall evening in 2011, shortly after their grand opening.

Yogurtini frozen yogurt for DTC - 8000 East Belleview

Yogurtini is coming soon to Denver.

It seems froyo, and specifically self-serve froyo, is an increasingly popular market segment. This is a franchise business which is sometimes a warning sign, but I have high hopes.

I look forward to their opening.

They are on twitter

Nova Self Serve Frozen Yogurt - University of Denver

This is the first location of the Nova self service frozen yogurt concept.

As their blog proclaims:

Grab a cup, choose from 16 unique flavors, and finish your masterpiece with your choice of 40+ toppings! Weigh, pay & you're on your way-- at only $0.39/ounce

16 flavors, 40 toppings, what else do you need?

Frozen Yogurt in Cherry Creek North: Yogurt Guru

The Pinkberry-style frozen yogurt shops cropping up in every neighborhood seem to be replacing cupcakes for the newest fad. Enter Yogurt Guru. This sleek and simple Cherry Creek North shop offers some interesting flavor options like pomegranate and pink lemonade along with classic chocolate and vanilla. You can fill a cup with any combinations of flavors and toppings as you'd like, and you're charged by weight. It was a fun place to stop in, but not a regular place I'd go.

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