Nova Self Serve Frozen Yogurt - University of Denver

This is the first location of the Nova self service frozen yogurt concept.

As their blog proclaims:

Grab a cup, choose from 16 unique flavors, and finish your masterpiece with your choice of 40+ toppings! Weigh, pay & you're on your way-- at only $0.39/ounce

16 flavors, 40 toppings, what else do you need?

This seems a lot like the Yogurt Guru in Cherry Creek and of course across the street is supposedly frozen yogurt coming soon at the Fuhgidabowdit.

We visited this past month and found it to be...just like every other froyo spot. I'm curious what they feel is their differentiator (if any) because so far it seemed just like every other frozen-yogurt-by-the-ounce vendor.