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Jamba Juice University of Denver Closing

The Jamba Juice on University near Evans is shutting down. After a short time serving the University of Denver community they've decided to close it down.

Right around the corner, Ben and Jerry's is starting to offer All Natural Fruit Smoothies

Ben and Jerry's University of Denver: Now with smoothies

Ben and Jerry's is offering up fruit smoothies just as Jamba Juice around the corner has gone out of business.

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt - Colorado Franchise

It seems the pendulum is swinging back toward "froyo" with several stores popping up. Golden Spoon is a franchise operation opening its fifth store in Colorado at Stapleton. They plan to open up to 30 stores in Colorado according to this Denver Business Journal article. They also got some coverage in a Westword article.

Oh Joy Ice Cream Truck by Jackie Cuyler

The Oh Joy ice cream truck was started by Jackie Cuyler to deliver high quality ice cream from a truck on the go. She's got it absolutely right that the typical ice cream truck has low quality items, but will their be demand for high quality ice cream at a premium price?

If she can find the right venues then it seems likely. Oh Joy has two trucks, one of which will be debuting at the Cherry Creek Fresh Market located in the parking lot on the corner of University and First ave to the west of Bed Bath and Beyond.

Their initial menu of ice cream flavors:

  • Vanilla
  • Cupcake

Ice Cream Options at South Pearl's Pajama Baking Company

Pictured are mint chocolate chip, macadamia nut brittle, cookies and cream, and coconut lime.

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