645 Lionshead P140 Vail, CO 81657 Rimini Gelato


Rimini Gelato
45 Lionshead P140
Vail, CO 81657
United States
39° 38' 33.864" N, 106° 23' 23.5104" W

Located in the I-wish-I-were Bavaria blocks of Lionshead, this cute coffee and gelato shop serves up a decadent treat. It's a perfect location for sitting outside and people-watching or snuggling up inside on a snowy day.

Rich, flavorful Gelato, premium price

Their gelato was premium priced: over $6 for a 2 scoop cup. That said, it was pretty much worth it: smooth and bursting with flavor. While the flavor options may not be as imaginative as some other favorites like sweet action they had the benefit of bursting with the flavors that they were going for.

We also visited in the late days of summer, the so-called "mud season", and their case seemed to be missing some options.

Other treats: Wine, Chocolate, Coffee, Pastries

They also served many other treats, though we tried relatively few of them. The pastries looked delicious, their espresso machine seems to be more about beauty than flavor but may deliver the goods, and they also had wine.

This seems like a perfect place to indulge your bite-sized appetite if you're in Vail and have a little extra coin in your pocket...