Skoops ice cream and more

Organic Ice Cream and Food in Cheesman Park

Written up by Picky girl and the bottomless pit. We tried Skoops ice cream and more and it rivals Sweet Action for one of our new favorites. Tucked away in cute Cheesman Park, this place provides excellent customer service and some of the tastiest ice cream around. While other ice cream shops want you in and out, the owner and staff at Scoops is extremely friendly and care about your experience. One of enjoyed a tasty coconut and toffee flavor while the other chose a chocolate chunk mocha delight. Our daughter is allergic to milk so she had her way with the mango and raspberry sorbet.

Scoops also provides fresh and healthy food we would certainly try on our next visit.

About the Ice Cream at Skoops

Ice cream comes from Boulder Ice Cream and includes some great flavors.