Review: Maroon Bells Ice Cream on Arapahoe

The Maroon Bells location on Arapahoe replaced another ice cream shop that used to be in the area. It's a pretty standard strip-mall location with the exception of their drive-thru service. This used to be a different business (I think a laundromat?) which now serves ice cream through the old drive-up window. Not a bad idea!

The ice cream itself was pretty delicious. While their shop is relatively small they still made enough space for the standards and a few more creative flavors like "Turtle." I had the cappuccino which did a pretty darn good job of capturing that fine coffee beverage complete with little granules of coffee (in a good way).

Their chocolate selection looked truly beautiful: they devote an entire case to the chocolates. If you have a true sweet-tooth who loves ice cream, chocolate, and cake then this could be their dream destination. If they like those things without having to leave their car: the drive thru becomes nirvana.

As a destination, the strip mall leaves a lot to be desired in spite of the flower pots and nice table that Maroon Bells placed outside. On the other hand, this area is rich with parks. Grabbing ice cream and heading a few blocks north into the office area you can find great parks like Harlequin plaza