Gelazzi - Gelato experience Denver, Fort Collins, Highlands Ranch

Gelazzi is a "lifestyle gelato brand" created in 2004 by Jan Horsfall.

The Springs Gazette profiled Mr. Horsfall and got some interesting tidbits.

Q: Let's talk about Gelazzi. How many locations do you anticipate by the end of 2011? What about five years from now? A: In 2011, we want to put up five more company-owned locations, set the stage for our first franchisee area operator partner in Houston and take over the market lead for the online sale of frozen desserts. Five years from now we anticipate a two-pronged company aimed at both the food-services business and the direct online sale of frozen desserts and related products. Today we believe that's at least a $50 million company with hundreds of locations and a powerful online presence -- all headquartered in Colorado Springs.

It always seemed a little pricey to me. I wonder if they can really make the expansion work.