$3 half pint Sale and "changes" at Red trolley

The Red Trolley e-mail newsletter just came out and announced some mysterious "changes" and a big sale that's going on this weekend to help push current inventory out the door:

This weekend we are having our "out with the old, in with the new" celebration and would love for you to be there. Take in this beautiful Fall weekend with us and enjoy some amazing great deals like...

$4 for any hotdog, chips and an Oogave soda
$3 half pints
$20 for 8 half pints and a Red Trolley cooler bag

Come enjoy The Trolley in it's original state before all the changes. Don't worry though--we'll always have the best gelato in town, nothing's changing there!

I find their current store style to be pretty awesome, so I'm kind of surprised that they're going to be changing it in some way. I don't know if this means more/different foods, new decorations, a new layout, or something else.

The deals on food seem pretty good as well. Note that the event is only for Friday/Saturday/Sunday of November 19 to November 21.