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Liks Capitol Hill

Liks has two locations in Denver: Capitol Hill and down south.

Highlands Red Trolley Ice Cream

Ice cream, gelato, and hot dogs in the Highlands

In Denver's peripheral Highlands neighborhood for the past 2 years, the Red Trolley is a worthy stop for sweet lovers and those who like to frequent cute neighborhood establishments. The gelato was incredible, with flavors that are both creative and full of high-quality product. My favorite on a recent visit was caramel topped with a chocolate ganache and sea salt. Red Trolley also serves up delicious and natural ice creams and hot dogs for those looking for more sustenance.

Salida Farmers Market

A Central Colorado Foodshed Alliance hosts a farmers market in the Salida Alpine Park.

The market is open from late June to October on Saturdays from 8:30 to noon. Vendors are broad including local produce, lunch/snack foods, handmade goods, and various other services enjoyed by the modern mountain hippy. Entertainment can include banjo and other live music and occasionally wolves. Yay wolves.

Cherry and Peach ice cream

Alpine Park in Salida, Colorado (farmers market on weekends)


500 E Street
Salida, CO 81201
United States
38° 31' 56.2296" N, 105° 59' 38.6124" W

The Alpine Park is in the middle of the historic area of Salida. Located near the library and just a few blocks from the riverfront and the main downtown with restaurants, bars, and outdoor gear shops.

Jamie with ice cream cone - Salida

An adult in the background is asking to share. Jamie...seems unlikely to agree.

2339 East Evans Avenue Denver, CO 80210 Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Shop


Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Shop
2339 East Evans Avenue
Denver, CO 80210
United States
39° 40' 42.672" N, 104° 57' 35.154" W

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Shop (website) is a University of Denver staple, located next door to Pete's University Park Cafe. Located near the busy intersection of Evans and University, seating is inside.

1475 East 17th Avenue Denver, CO 80218-1656 D Bar Desserts


D Bar Desserts
1475 East 17th Avenue
Denver, CO 80218
United States
39° 44' 36.168" N, 104° 58' 9.3648" W

The D Bar joins the plentiful bars and restaurants along 17th street to provide purely desserts to visitors and residents of Uptown and North Capitol Hill.

2639 W. 32nd Ave Denver, CO 80211 The Red Trolley


The Red Trolley Ice Cream
2639 W. 32nd Ave
Denver, CO 80211
United States
39° 45' 43.3296" N, 105° 1' 11.7804" W

The Red Trolley joins Little Man Ice Cream to provide ice cream near the greater Highlands area. It shares a historic red brick building with Vietnamese quickserve restaurant An's Lemongrass Grille‎

52 Broadway Denver, CO 80203 Sweet Action Ice Cream


Sweet Action Ice Cream
52 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203
United States
39° 43' 3.558" N, 104° 59' 14.8236" W

A relatively newcomer to the collection of great businesses along Broadway, Sweet Action has become a walkable favorite to residents of Baker, West Wash Park and a new stop-off for sweet tooths cruising down Broadway. The location is distinguished by an adorable garage door bar, that's impossible to pass by without hankering for a sweet treat.

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