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Seating and Drive Thru at Red Trolley

This is part of the bench in front of Red Trolley and shows a sign in the background for the Drive Through.

Drive through ice cream and hot dogs, you ask? Yes, they answer.

Lamppost signs outside of Red Trolley: Hot dogs, Coffee

These two great signs say:

"Hot Dogs: Meat of Miracles - Red Trolley"


"Coffee of astounding strength and size - Red Trolley"

$3 half pint Sale and "changes" at Red trolley

The Red Trolley e-mail newsletter just came out and announced some mysterious "changes" and a big sale that's going on this weekend to help push current inventory out the door:

This weekend we are having our "out with the old, in with the new" celebration and would love for you to be there. Take in this beautiful Fall weekend with us and enjoy some amazing great deals like...

$4 for any hotdog, chips and an Oogave soda
$3 half pints
$20 for 8 half pints and a Red Trolley cooler bag

Come enjoy The Trolley in it's original state before all the changes. Don't worry though--we'll always have the best gelato in town, nothing's changing there!

The Crushery - Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

The Crushery's website makes it clear that liquid nitrogen ice cream is a big deal: they make it part of their primary navigation.

A recent interview with chef John Davidson gives this teaser:

Make sure to leave room for dessert. John makes liquid nitrogen ice cream to order. Take a look at his list of ingredients and put together the perfect combination of flavors. Salted, chocolate caramel or honey lavender or just plain vanilla – John estimates that there are over 10,000 different scoops he can make . It’s also fun to watch him make the liquid nitrogen ice cream. He does it in a mixer as mist billows around him freezing the ice cream so quickly that ice crystals stay small giving it a very creamy texture.

Bonnie Brae Ice Cream: Near Wash Park/DU

More to come, but for now here's a fun owner-produced video:

Want authentic ice cream parlor chairs?

Want authentic ice cream parlor chairs?

4 ice cream parlour chairs
ice cream parlour chair closeup

Garage Antiques at 8th Ave.& Inca St. has this set of 4 nice chairs. Call 720- 275- 5212 with any questions.

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