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Sweet Cow Ice Cream wins Westword Best Ice Cream 2011

Westword (Denver's favorite alternative newspaper) has just released their "best of" edition and Sweet Cow ice cream is the winner of the Best Ice Cream award.

O — MOO — GOOD! You really haven't had ice cream until you've had Sweet Cow's. ... The Almond Joy cone comes triple-loaded with ginormous chunks of chocolate, almond and coconut in a creamy, perfectly sweetened base; other flavors include an incredible Chocolate Coffee Bean concoction, Ozo Coffee and a tart Key Lime Pie...

Josh and John's Ice Cream

Josh and John's is a Colorado Springs favorite for gourmet ice cream.

Visit their website for more details.

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Salary for an Ice Cream Truck Driver in Denver?

It seems like a great job to have: ice cream truck driver in Denver. But what is the salary for this fine job?

According to indeed.com it is $31,000 per year if you live in Denver, Colorado.

See the details.

What do you think, is that fair compensation for the tasks involved?

The Daily Scoop Frozen Custard - Denver

The Daily Scoop serves frozen custard. What is frozen custard? Their website proclaims:

Frozen Custard is a gourmet ice cream treat which first originated on Coney Island, New York, as a carnival treat at the turn-of-the-century. There have been legends that frozen custard was created by an ice cream vender who added eggs to ice cream as an emulsifier to prevent the ice cream from melting too quickly. To his delight and our gratitude today, a new premium ice cream had been discovered.

Seems like a great combination to me.

Gelazzi - Gelato experience Denver, Fort Collins, Highlands Ranch

Gelazzi is a "lifestyle gelato brand" created in 2004 by Jan Horsfall.

The Springs Gazette profiled Mr. Horsfall and got some interesting tidbits.

Q: Let's talk about Gelazzi. How many locations do you anticipate by the end of 2011? What about five years from now? A: In 2011, we want to put up five more company-owned locations, set the stage for our first franchisee area operator partner in Houston and take over the market lead for the online sale of frozen desserts. Five years from now we anticipate a two-pronged company aimed at both the food-services business and the direct online sale of frozen desserts and related products. Today we believe that's at least a $50 million company with hundreds of locations and a powerful online presence -- all headquartered in Colorado Springs.

It always seemed a little pricey to me. I wonder if they can really make the expansion work.

Frozen Yogurt in Cherry Creek North: Yogurt Guru

The Pinkberry-style frozen yogurt shops cropping up in every neighborhood seem to be replacing cupcakes for the newest fad. Enter Yogurt Guru. This sleek and simple Cherry Creek North shop offers some interesting flavor options like pomegranate and pink lemonade along with classic chocolate and vanilla. You can fill a cup with any combinations of flavors and toppings as you'd like, and you're charged by weight. It was a fun place to stop in, but not a regular place I'd go.

Gelato d'Italia brings its frozen treats to Whole Foods

Although Gelato d'Italia's Cherry Creek location has closed on Detroit Street, you can still find their high-quality treats in the freezer section at Whole Foods.

Gelato d'Italia Cafe closes in Cherry Creek

The building is now available for rent to a new tenant. I wonder what might replace the former Gelato d'Italia retail location.

Door design at Yogurt Guru in Cherry Creek

If you need to put a label explaining "push" on your door then perhaps it's time to get a new door handle that is more obvious. Like...a bar that goes horizontal across the opening usually indicates you need to push.

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