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King Soopers - Heladeria y Aguas Frescas

According to this Denver Post article the King Soopers at 2727 West Evans has:

a bar serving aguas fresca (fresh juice) and helado (ice cream); products from Latin America; bulk items; and more ethnic items in the produce, bakery, meat and canned-food areas.

Latin-American style aguas frescas and helados? Seems good! I wonder how it compares to Paleteria Cuauhtemo.

Nova Self Serve Frozen Yogurt - University of Denver

This is the first location of the Nova self service frozen yogurt concept.

As their blog proclaims:

Grab a cup, choose from 16 unique flavors, and finish your masterpiece with your choice of 40+ toppings! Weigh, pay & you're on your way-- at only $0.39/ounce

16 flavors, 40 toppings, what else do you need?

Frozen Yogurt - Fuhgidabowdit pizzeria location

There's not much to say here other than "frozen yogurt coming soon".

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